Professor Miodrag Azanjac


Miodrag Azanjac was born in 1932 in Kragujevac. He graduated in 1951 from the First Belgrade Gymnasium. He graduated from the High-School of Music and the Music Academy in Belgrade in 1958 in the class of Professor Jakov Srejović with excellent results in the main subject, as one of the most capable flute students. In the school year 1961/62, he used a scholarship from the French government, stayed in Paris and attended classes with the famous professor of the Paris Conservatory, Gaston Crunelle. 

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A few words about the cooperation between composer Enriko Josif and flutist Miodrag Azanjac

“It rarely happens in an artist, a performer, as in the case of flutist MiodragAzanjac,to unite so harmoniously, so tensely, powerfully the creativeness and the performance and the thoughtand the aesthetic and the ethical in tonal expression and the renewal and the reform and all that is connected with the flute, starting from its mythical sacral antiquities through antiqueto today’s desacralized speeds.”  

Enriko Josif 

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