Miodrag Azanjac

The Association of Flutists “Miodrag Azanjac” was founded in 2002 as a non-profit professional organization. The headquarters of the Association is in the Music School “Kosta Manojlović” in Zemun.  

With its number of members and presence in all music schools, and thus in the entire territory of Serbia, it completely occupies its place in our environment, as a professional association in the field of culture and education. The Association emerged as a necessity. The interest and need of professors, professional musicians, students and pupils of music schools is great. 

An association of this kind arose from the desire and need to expand the knowledge of young musicians and their pedagogues. In order to improve the quality of work and performance of flutists in our environment, the Association wants to be the organizer of various programs that are related to the improvement of the teaching of flute in music schools, concert activities, performing practices … When we take into account that every association of this type in the world gathers the largest number of flutists around itself, it is clear that the need for such an organization has arisen in our environment as well. 

The main intention of the Association is to cooperate with similar associations and foreign artists and pedagogues. 

In addition to the festival, the Association plans events throughout the year depending on its material capabilities. Our wish is for young musicians to cooperate with each other and have the opportunity to perform publicly as much as possible.